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A Song For When You See Someone Who Is Just Too Sexy

I am not fucking with ya’ll. From the very first time I heard this song…which was…what 3 years ago now? *shrugs* I have always loved it. Giving this my stamp of approval. Add it to your love song playlists and your sex playlists (don’t pretend like you don’t have both of those, if you don’t, you really ought to. You need a playlist for every mood!) Reina Williams is super cool and has BANGING guitar skills. I pride myself on being a connoisseur of all things artistic, and I am telling you, them fingers will having you thinking about some things while you’re thinking about some other things.  😉

But that’s somewhat besides the point of this inspirational song. And it is inspirational in its content because it does one of those little important things that all art is supposed to do. It makes you feel something. What are you feeling though? Maybe a bit of lust. Maybe something that feels a little like love. What I feel when I hear this song is that moment of awe you get whenever you see a person that is ridiculously attractive and you just kind of pause on some, “This might be love at first sight,” kind of shit. Or lust at first sight. Whichever.

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