Twerk It Out

Twerk It Out
Genres: Erotica, Romance, Short Story
Tags: Erotica, Romance & Relationships
Publication Year: 2016
Length: short story
ISBN: 9781365346972

Strippers and one-night stands turned two-night stands and sexiness, oh my!

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About the Book

Exotic dance clubs are not the sorts of places where you meet people you even wish to spend a second night with. But the club is not the only place Pepper will dance like a stripper in this short, erotic tale of passion born in a place where, for many women, passion for many things, especially men, has died. But for her, one night of youthful recklessness may mean more than another one-night stand though she may try to resist, passion refuses to take no for its answer. Will Pepper fall to the charms of this handsome stranger? Or will she deny him her affections as she has denied others who have taken so much more interest in her body than her mind?

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