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I Am Just Some Girl That You Text Sometimes

That is what I tell him when he treats me like I don’t matter. How can you be important to anyone who treats you like you aren’t important? “Him” is no one specific anymore. He could be anyone. The men blur together because despite their differences, they always turn out to be a slightly varying shade of the same color of trash. Even the so-called “good” ones.

I have been guilty of being stupid, of being romantic and gullible and soft…as usual. I shouldn’t be so surprised at myself. Truly, I shouldn’t. I should know me by now and know the kind of men I attract and have always attracted… the kind that I have always been attracted to. It’s like a long-running joke, but none of it is funny. Fuck boys always get the last laugh, don’t they?

I swerved out of my lane. I do that far too often, watch far too many romantic comedies and dramas with subtle happenings that bloom into heart shattering romances. I forgot for 10 seconds that this is the real world and that I have a long history of choosing the wrong men. For 5 minutes, I forgot that I was tired, that I had given up men for the 100th time this year, and that the likelihood of actually meeting someone who deserved me was very unlikely. I started dreaming.

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