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Men Do Not Know How to Flirt With Women

99.982736482827% of men do not know how to flirt with women. I made it specific to women because I stick with what I know. They do not know the difference between having a friendly conversation and harassing someone, something I’d say many of us can agree on, so them being incapable of properly flirting with us should come as no surprise.
This particular example of men being disappointing again was put into my mind by a friend, which made me remember a fun story about one of those lovely times when flirting went right.
When I was still living in Brooklyn, I got off the train and was walking back home when I saw this man walking in the opposite direction from me that gave me a tingle. We passed by each other. I turned around to look at him and he did the same. We smiled at each other and kept walking in our opposite directions. I turned around to look at him again and he was also looking at me. We both laughed a little, but kept walking in our own directions, because, though I can be flirtatious as hell, it is out of character for me to approach men on the street.
I don’t know what it was about him but… as I walked, I had to turn around and look at this nigga again and met his eyes. At this point, I was like, “Alright. You keep looking at this nigga. Let it rock. You’re single. Be a hoe!”
He backtracked and walked up to me and held out his hand and introduced himself then invited me for a walk. As I wasn’t doing shit else that day and had this excited buzz (probably shock from being approached in a way that did not make me feel slimy), I agreed. We walked for a bit and talked about some shit I can’t remember, but at the end, he asked me for my number and I gave it to him.
Moral of this story is…
  1. Only .05% of niggas seem to understand when a woman is showing geniune interest in them.
  2. Flirting don’t have to start with “approaching” someone. Bat those eyes, bitches. Stare into the soul! 🙂
  3. A lot of ya’ll niggas approach women in a way that is disrespectful or downright fucking scary so why the fuck would they want to talk to you?
  4. Men really do not know the difference between flirting and sexual harassment.

I think the good things that might come out of this include men’s fear that women all over the country (and hopefully, the world) will start reporting them for sexual harassment in the workplace, so, they are opting to stay the fuck away from some of us. Which is fine by me because we are safer, happier, and healthier when we don’t have to deal with them and nobody likes being harassed.

No, I am not making this up. Women have been expressing their fears all over the internet. I think we can probably very safely assume that they make a regular habit of harassing women. It’s all of them enjoy making us uncomfortable and do it on purpose; the others don’t know the difference between harassment and flirting.

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