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January 2018

A pain in my ass. Let’s get started talking about this. Okay, so, according to my writing schedule, I was supposed to pop out the story outline for Neverland in October so that it’d be ready for National Novel Writing Month, also known as, Nanowrimo. Clearly, that ain’t happen. Let me talk about that.

This book has been dragging…

*update: I do think now I have a much better grip on this book now that I’ve added some flesh to its bones because back in October when I was outlining this book, throwing my laptop through the window seems like a better idea. 😂😂😂

April 5, 2018

I have revamped my writing schedule and goals and am merrily on my way to the 20,000 wordmark for the rough draft of this book. Now, you may be asking, what is this book even about? All right, doing my research about what is popular nowadays in the book Market I came across a popular fantasy series called blood and snow. It was an author’s story loosely based on Snow White and the Seven Dwarves.

April 9, 2018

Apparently, I don’t know this writing software as well as I wanted to believe. When I was messing around with it (because I had become very certain that all of the words in scenes that hadn’t yet been worked into the story were not being counted in the overall word count), I stumbled across where I had gone wrong and poof, I was at 20,000 words!! *praise dance* for now for now, I have set my rough draft deadline of 50,000 words for May 31st. I pop out between 5 and 6 hundred words everyday for neverland because most days that’s about all my mind can really handle.

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