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Apr 24, 2016

I’m sorryyy. I’ve clearly not been finishing nearly as many things as I’ve started or posting as often as I should, buttt, here’s the rundown on the latest short story. (And no, guys and ladies, i haven’t quite hit 90,000 words on the novel but i get a little further every time you guys encourage me.) Finally gave the ex-boyfriend a name!! For those of you who are new readers, Re-ignite is the sequel to The Breakup, which was slightly depressing to write. Though I’ve since bounced back from the darkness of that plot.

So anyways, the boyfriend finally gets a name! You will see Robin bounce back from the ruins of a bad relationship (I changed my mind. Sorry guys. Doesn’t Robin deserve a happy ending this time?) And kick serious adulthood ass. Excuse the profanity. You get to see a different side of her, the side that was only hinted at before. Anyways, I included a little screenshot to tempt everyone a bit. Please don’t hate me! Love you all.

And as always, don’t forget to show some love by commenting. I love talking to ya’ll.

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