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What To Do When a Crush Turns Into a One Night Stand

One-night stands. A sexual experience that can either be extremely freeing or very insulting depending on how it goes. I have had a handful of my own one-night stands and have had very different feelings about them. The quality of a one-night stand is weighed by a lot of factors: your feelings, his/her/their feelings, if the sex was good, bad, or blah, how you met, how long you’ve known each other, your moods at the time of incident, and some other shit. Your thoughts about your one night stand will also be influenced by what happens afterwards. I’m not talking about a lack of post-coital cuddling, I’m talking about poor (or no) communication and no other sexual encounters.

So you’ve gotten laid, you might be in bliss, might be annoyed, could be indifferent and just enjoying the person afterwards. The whole experience might have been and you immediately made up some reason to leave. This shit happens. It is normal. Sex is a powerful thing that can either bond people or separate them further. For most people who (finally) get to have sex with someone they’ve developed feelings for, the sex is something you’ve been looking forward to or were dreading or anxious about. Now you’ve done it and it’s been a few days and you are starting to get the feeling that it didn’t go quite “right”.

They haven’t called or texted. You haven’t seen each other again. How long do you wait for a call after the first time you’ve had sex with someone? I’d give it, maybe a week. Maybe maybe. Why do I give it such a short amount of time? Because usually, by the time I started crushing on someone, that means that I, at the very least, have talked to them on a regular basis, and may even have seen them in person before. So at this point, I have already expended energy getting to know someone and have maybe even developed the belief that they care about or respect me in some way.

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