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Why Beauty and the Beast’s Evermore is the Perfect Breakup Song

I mean, do you really need to ask? But maybe you do, if you haven’t seen the new Beauty and the Beast movie yet. I was very excited about seeing it, and, to be honest, I was feeling a little skeptical about my first viewing of it even though I did fall in love with the song “Evermore” from the very first listening. It is, after all, a flawless breakup song.

Everyone who has a soul is familiar with the wildly classic ballroom scene set to the theme song of “Beauty and the Beast” where we finally see Belle and Beast dance together and get all of the romantic and visual tingles of budding love. If you know this scene, then you also know that Beast also realizes after their (hopefully) long night of dancing that he loves Belle, and because of that, he releases her from her imprisonment so that she can go and be with her sick father. Already a somewhat emotional moment for everyone who conveniently forgets that Belle was indeed a prisoner and never actually wanted to leave her father in the first place. But… That’s a cold splash of reality we have to side step in order to stay warm and fuzzy for the romantic idea of having to set someone free with the desperate hope that they will return, while secretly knowing (or, believing, as it turns out to be the case) that they never will.

Anyways, on to the start of the beautiful song of lost love, “Evermore”. The clip of the song from the movie tells an even deeper story than the song itself; it shows the Beast climbing the tower higher and higher as Belle rides farther and farther away so that he can keep her in sight as long as possible, afraid he’ll never see her again, and that these are the last viewings of her that he can capture in his memory for the rest of his days.

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